Thursday, April 3, 2014

When hubby is gone.....

Spring break ended on a good note - we bought a car, finally.  A 2006 Kia Sorento in black and gold.  Must admit, the gold wouldn't be my first choice, but its a classy looking rig, and had the one thing I really wanted (heated seats!), so I'll overlook the gold.  Besides, it took a full month to find, so I'm glad to have that marked off the to-do list.
We came home Friday and on Monday hubby left for his annual IMS (Incident Medical Specialist) conference in Hood River.  Usually when he's gone, we stock up on chick-flicks and spend the evenings catching up on all those he'd never be interested in.  This year though, there's still much unpacking and organizing to do, so I spent Day 1 cleaning out the hall closet.  Fun, right?
Said closet is now a happy place.  The top shelf houses the musical instruments plus all the pictures that will be hung on the walls, someday.  Shelf number 2 has all the quilts and blankets neatly folded, for once.  Shelf number 3 has a mix of finished scrapbooks, folded sheet sets, and Michael's mail that is waiting till he is discharged from the Army in May.  On the bottom I've put the fans that will come in handy with warm summer temps, but are so in the way the rest of the year, plus my finished yarn creations in one of those Rubbermaid totes that we all love to have.  (Right?)
I was left with the question of what to do with the yarn stash.  There just doesn't seem to be a place where it isn't in the way.  I am working through it, honest.  Still, I don't think I'll ever be completely stash-less.  I'm not even sure I want to be.  Smaller stash, good.  No stash?  Not-so-much.  For now, the two 3-drawer plastic containers are side by side against the wall in the closet.  I'm thankful they fit even if it makes the closet look a bit crowded.   Michael will be home soon and his space reassigned, but that's only enough room for one of the containers.  Eventually the pictures will make it to the walls and then there will be plenty of room.
One can dream.

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