Friday, March 18, 2016

Catching Up Before Spring Break

Next week is Spring Break in Oregon, and my daughter's bestie is coming to spend the week with us.  I'm finishing up a few odd projects so I can enjoy the time with them and not feel like I should be doing something else.  I struggle with that as it is, no need to set myself up for it.

In the crochet corner:

 This prayer shawl is for Fern, a very good friend who lost her 6 year-old grandson to one of those unexpected, freak illnesses that you can never be prepared for and have no idea how to put the pieces back together when its all over.  Thankfully, Jesus is our strength, even when the world is falling apart around us.  He is putting the pieces back into place for this beautiful family.  

Its been over a year, and I wanted to have it done for her grandson's November birthday, but having my wrist in a brace for all of October and most of November meant that it didn't get done till mid-February.  Turns out a new grandchild is due soon, so this can be a celebration shawl.  I like those kind!  I love it when God gets the last word.

This was taken at the Retreat Center the Turning Point Church ladies go to each year in March.  The pink one is Fern's, and the blue one was my contribution to the door prizes, which was won by my sister Koreen.  Its funny, because I thought of making her one, but had no idea what color to use.  I've overdone pink and yellow for her, but didn't know what to choose otherwise.  Steel blue to the rescue!  And I can check off making one for her now.  Bonus!

More scrap hats and cotton washcloths for SHOEBOXES.  I don't usually make the washcloths.  I have a few friends who like to work with cotton and they send me some for the shoeboxes whenever possible.  The rest, we just use good old Walmart's 18 pk.  For $3.47, its a bargain.
I made these two because I came into some cotton yarn and I have noone nearby who has time/skill/interest in making them up for me, so I decided to give it a go.  Not my favorite, but for the shoeboxes, I will "suffer".  

That's about it so far for 2016.  When I broke my wrist in October, 2015, I basically put everything on hold.  Getting it all back in motion again is taking time.