Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just a Little Something (I threw together)

Miss K spotted an adorable dress on her way home from the grocery store one day and since Easter is tomorrow, we bought it.  It screams her name if you want the truth and I'm thrilled we were able to get it.
The downside? Said dress is clearly made for summer and spring has barely arrived in this corner of eastern Oregon.  Just 3 short weeks ago there were still roads closed with snow blockades.
The upside?  Mama knows how to crochet!  Here's that little something I threw together yesterday afternoon, and finished this morning.  Its on the kitchen table being blocked to help smooth out any imperfections and make the corners nice and square.  Button closure will be added when its dry.  (That's not my fingers drumming you hear, honest!)

 Its a variation on the BRIGHT PINK shawl made earlier this spring.   For this one, I used a K hook, and on the edges instead of clusters of 3 DCs, I used 2 DCs.  It makes for a bit lacier look, and there's still plenty of warmth for springtime here.  The border is one row of a simple single crochet.  Why work harder than I have to?

Tomorrow I'll get her to model it and photos will be shared.  Because I can.

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