Friday, April 4, 2014


This picture is my 2nd attempt at a "mood blanket".  I like the pattern just fine, but I didn't put it on the bed (oops) to see how wide it needed to be, and its barely wide enough for a lapghan.   Where's a rolling eyeball when you need one?  Oh, and btw - MB1 (moodblanket1) was made into a scarf.  It just wasn't flowing right for me.

The basket has all the larger balls of leftovers from various projects, the plastic bin has bits and pieces I intended to use in loom-knit hats, but decided to incorporate into the new blanket instead, and MB2 is in the metal bucket.  If you look closely at the plastic bin you can see my hook on the beginnings of MB3.  The pattern is called "Granny Scrap Blanket" and I got it off of Ravelry.  Super easy!
And now I'm off to crochet!  Determined to GET IT DONE.  Smile.

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