Thursday, March 20, 2014

BRIGHT pink shawl

About a year ago or so, I was given this BRIGHT pink yarn to make scarves with.  But it was so BRIGHT that I had a hard time getting motivated.  Besides, I had plenty of yarn in my stash already so I kept putting it off.  Finally, in light of the challenge to use up some yarn that had been languishing in some deep dark recess somewhere, I decided to buck up and do something worthwhile.
If it had only been a single skein, a scarf would've been the easy answer and I would've been done already.  But 3 skeins just seem to need a bigger project.  After some rooting around on Pinterest, I stumbled into a blog called "Laughing Purple Goldfish" which had a "Simple Triangle Shawl" pattern for free.  Seemed like the ideal project, and I could send it to the rehab center with Mom's quilts and the other shawl I've already finished.
Here is the finished product:


  1. You had to wait till the yarn 'spoke to you'!
    It was worth waiting for! Very cheerful shawl.

  2. It's lovely and will make someone smile for sure. Welcome to the world of blogging, it's fun. I'm not into snow, but your blog is quite pretty. Thank you for your email. I'll respond via email with my address but hopped over here to check your blog out, and to see what type of blog it was to help you with how to do a link.

    Bridge and Beyond