Monday, March 17, 2014

First Shawl, ever

In early February my 91 year-old mother fell and pulled some abdominal muscles.  She spent 10 days in a rehab facility which was not the most pleasant of experiences, but she did it with grace.  While there, she noticed several residents who complained of being cold all the time, especially around their necks and shoulders.  She promised to bring a pile of homemade quilts (lap-sized) back once she was able.
I thought about it for a while and then decided that I could crochet a few shawls to go along with her quilts.  Shawls, in my mind, are better than a quilt because they target the shoulder/neck area, and aren't quite as heavy.  A scarf might do the trick, but it would have to be fairly wide to cover both neck and shoulders, so I decided to meld the two.  This is the result:

The pink and blue variegated yarn I've had for over a year and couldn't find anything in my stash to go with it, so it sat.  Then Mom gave me the dark pink when I was over the last time and it fit.  Good thing too because I'm not all that fond of the dark pink on its own.
Need to weigh it so I know how much stash I burned and then it can go to Portland with us when we go over for spring break.  YES!

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  1. I agree with the shoulders and neck. Keeping those areas warm for folks with arthritis is a good idea, and so many older folks do have that, particularly in the neck area. Ok, Go to your dashboard, click layout, click add gadget (you can put it almost anywhere on your blog, you'll see options of where you can add, and once you add it can be moved. You can select Blog List and or Link List. They do almost the same thing. The first option blog list is more specific to blogs and you have options of pictures, snipets about updates with or without dates etc, so you can see who's updated their blogs. The link list is more of a list without the ability to see who's updated. If you choose blog list, you'll see an option that says add blog to your list, click that. Then you'll see a place to add the url. The url is the address you can cut and paste from someone else's blog, then click Add. Pretty much the same on the 2nd option, you'll see a place to add the url and the name of the blog and or persons name etc. Sing out if you have any trouble.

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