Monday, July 20, 2015

Springtime Crochet

Lee is coming home from fire duty tomorrow!  This has been one hot, dry, fire-filled summer, and we haven't even hit August yet.  He's already been on 4 fires.  That's a record to date, and the record for an entire summer is 6, so we're on pace to break that.
I decided to take a few minutes here to share some more of my springtime projects and then I'll probably go back into hibernation for another few months.  Perhaps in September I'll have a nice stack of goodies to share again.  I'm currently working on scarves for the Red Scarf Project.

These are headed to Bridge and Beyond where they will hopefully warm some homeless folks in Ohio this next winter.  The red and white one will go to the Red Scarf Project.

Next, some catching up:

1.  Me at work on Stephen's blanket.  2. Stephen's finished blanket.  Most of the yarn for this was bought specifically for him, except for the green/white variegated, the 2 beige/white variegated, and the light turquoise.  Those were stash.

This prayer shawl was made for my friend Florence.  She asked if I would make one and it was an honor to do so.  The pattern is called "Morning Has Broken".  It seemed appropriate to the prayers that went along with the making.  The green yarn was stash, the variegated was leftover from one of the prayer shawls I made for the Turning Point ladies retreat.  You know - the ones I forgot to photograph before letting them go.

I have more, believe me.  I think I just reached the limit on space here because it won't let me upload any more pictures.

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